Monday - September 27, 2021
Vegetable and Chicken Stir-fry, Rice, Fruit and Milk
Vegetable and Chicken Stir-fry, Rice E
Extra Milk
Tuesday - September 28, 2021
BBQ Chicken Wrap, Potato Chips, Salad, Fruit and Milk
BBQ Chicken Wrap E
Extra Milk
Wednesday - September 29, 2021
Chicken Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Corn, Salad and Fruit
Chicken Nuggets E
Extra Milk
Thursday - September 30, 2021
Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Tomato Soup, Salad, Fruit, and Milk
Grilled Cheese Sandwich E
Extra Milk
Friday - October 1, 2021
Bosco Sticks, Sauce, Fruit, Veggie, Salad and Milk
Bosco Sticks E
Extra Milk