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Learners, Servants & Leaders for Christ

Mission Statement

“Engaging Learners, Equipping Servants, Empowering Leaders…for Christ” 


Core Values

♦ Christ-Centered Truth
      • We teach Christ crucified, risen, and returning to a world that desperately needs the truth as revealed in the Scripture.
♦ Academic Excellence
     • We equip our children to maximize their God-given potential in a nurturing environment.
♦ Purposeful Innovation
     • We develop diverse opportunities to prepare our children for real-world success in the 21st century.
♦ Servant Leadership
     • We empower our children to reflect Christ’s compassion and mercy through acts of humble service.
♦ Relational Stewardship
     • We profess Christ to be the center of each of our relationships and use His gifts to build up the faithful and reach the lost.


Vision Statement


Guardian Lutheran School challenges its students to be extraordinary.  We leverage all our resources to ensure that our students are becoming extraordinary learners, leaders, servants, and disciples.  Acknowledging that God has not created His children to be mediocre, we encourage, enable, and empower our students to live lives that impact others and change the world!